It’s been Robbie Kane’s deft touch and dedication to extending “enlightened hospitality” to each and every guest that comes through his doors that has helped make Café Medina a beloved Vancouver brunch institution since it first opened in 2008.

Originally a photographer and location manager/producer in the film industry in Toronto, Robbie travelled extensively before settling in Vancouver in 2003 and joining the front-of-house team at Chambar. It was Robbie’s single-minded commitment to being a consummate host that held him in good stead when he launched Café Medina and quickly established the quaint café as a hotspot for Vancouverites and visitors alike due to its eclectic, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and inviting, bistro-style atmosphere. In a serendipitous, full-circle twist of fate, it was here where Kane met his future wife, Medina, who was drawn to the eponymous café.

Robbie isn’t just interested in serving a meal at Café Medina. He and his staff pride themselves on “feeding the soul of each one of his guests by providing them with sustenance in every way, shape and form” — through exemplary service, old-world charm and Kane’s pioneering attitude towards café culture.



Adam Perrier | Chef de Cuisine

When Adam Perrier arrived at the kitchen at the new location of Café Medina, it was quite literally like coming home.

Perrier got his first taste of Café Medina’s signature Mediterranean-inspired cuisine while working the line as Sous Chef at the original restaurant on Beatty Street from 2010 through ’14.

Originally from Ottawa, Perrier graduated from Algonquin College’s Culinary Management Program with Honours in 2004 before heading west and serving four years as a cook for Kamloops Catering during the summer on board the Rocky Mountaineer train. He also logged time as a back-of-house fixture at Vancouver’s Chambar and Figmint and as well as a three-year summer-season stint preparing gourmet meals for guests of Escott Sportfishing in Haida Gwaii before returning to his culinary roots at Café Medina.


Since joining Café Medina in the spring of 2013, Jenna has been a warm and familiar face to the restaurant’s many visitors and returning clientele. Due to her hard work, team-first attitude and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, her initial tenure as a serving assistant at didn’t last long — in just two months she began handling a variety of management responsibilities and became an indispensible second-in-command to owner Robbie Kane.

Originally from Alberta, Jenna gained her front-of-house experience while studying political science and communication at post-secondary schools in Edmonton and Ottawa before moving west to attend Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Jenna’s background as a performer in improvisational comedy provides her with a unique edge and allows her to roll with the punches when managing Café Medina’s front-of-house crew and responding to guest requests, all while espousing Robbie’s philosophy of enlightened hospitality.