#MedinaMemory: How owner Robbie Kane met his wife, Medina


Every great romance has an auspicious beginning. A chance meeting. A sideways glance. A certain spark that lights the flame. In the case of Café Medina owner Robbie Kane, it was equal parts fate, serendipity and pure kismet that led him to find the love of his life in the most likely of places — his own restaurant.  

It was back in 2008, shortly after Robbie opened the doors of Café Medina in its original Crosstown location that his great romance began.  

After being called into work on a rainy Saturday morning that what was supposed to be his first day off since opening in January, his attention was captured by a woman who was sitting alone at a table for two. She voluntarily offered to Robbie to give up her seat for another party that had arrived, and instead sit at the bar. Her name? None other than Medina.  

Originally from Edmonton, Medina, an actress and writer, had recently landed back in Vancouver after being on tour when she spotted the eponymous café and wandered in for the first time, just two weeks after it had opened. Two months later she returned, and began a conversation with Robbie that soon blossomed into a romance.  

It was just three years after that initial encounter that Robbie and Medina were married, and one year later they welcomed their son, Jude.  

Had Robbie opted to name the café “Gypsy” — his original intention — Medina might never have graced the restaurant with her presence. However, fate played its hand and lit a fuse that still burns brightly today.


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