Café Medina's 10th Anniversary 'Front of the Line' BCHF Fundraiser


While Café Medina normally operates under a no-reservations policy, we’re giving you an opportunity to skip the line and book your table by donation throughout February with 100 per cent of proceeds to benefit the BC Hospitality Foundation

From February 1 to 28, we’re offering up three peak time slots each day — 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. — to those who pledge a $25 per-table donation ($35 on weekends) to the BC Hospitality Foundation, a registered charity that raises funds to support those in the hospitality industry facing financial crisis due to a health issues. The BCHF also offers a scholarship programs to foster the development of the next generation of workers and industry leaders. 

Tables may be booked for two to six people for a donation to the BCHF, which will receive 100 per cent of all donations. Once all guests have arrived, the party will receive the next available table. Tables will not be seated until the full party has arrived.


Kindly note that ‘Front of the Line’ donations are non-refundable.