A collaboration between Vancouver's O5 Tea Company and Bittered Sling Extracts, the 'Kombucha Micro-batch Tea' is served exclusively at the Café Medina. This custom kombucha (in Japanese: “tea sponge”) includes select ingredients like fireweed honey from Langley, sencha green tea from Japan and Bittered Sling’s Lem-Marrakech bitters. To create the special soda, O5 Tea brews 60-litre micro-batches of kombucha in Italian stainless steel wine fermenters, which is then stored in kegs until ready to serve.

Other standouts include the Hawayij Root Beer Float, Bergamot + Buttermilk Cream Soda and Rosehip + Jaffa “Orange Crush”. Come in and try them for yourself!

Robyn Larsen

R&Co., 76 Oxford Street, Hamilton, ON, L8R 2X1