Go With The GRAIN


As part of our commitment to serving fresh, locally-sourced cuisine whenever possible, Café Medina works with a number of suppliers who provide quality, Canadian-grown ingredients.

GRAIN, whose ‘Golden Quinoa’ variety is grown by a farmers’ cooperative in Saskatchewan, is the first commercially available quinoa in Canada. High in plant-based protein and prized for its grassy, sweet flavour, GRAIN Golden Quinoa is markedly different from the white quinoa traditionally imported from South America, and is used as the base for Café Medina’s Tabbouleh side salad.

Chef Jonathan also uses GRAIN chickpeas in Medina’s Tagine, as well as our hummus, which is served in our Harissa Pain Plat and as a side dish. Grown in Tyner, Saskatchewan by “Farmer Bob” — part of a family that has been tending to the same stretch of farmland for 47 years — GRAIN chickpeas are valued for their large size and soft, buttery texture when cooked, which makes them ideal for our signature menu.

Robyn Larsen

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